New Digital Film Scene Added to ‘Living with the Land’ at Epcot

(Photo Credit: Dad for Disney)

Good news for any fellow Living with the Land fans!  According to WDWNT they have finally replaced the video and updated it with new narration too!

For those unfamiliar, after you pass the farm house and right before you enter the greenhouse area, there’s a segment where they talk about some of the “modern” ways they are improving agriculture practices and pest control.  It was pretty dated but now it features new digital films and narrations.

According to WDWNT:

The narration, which features a new voiceover, mentions similar horticulture methods. It’s worth noting, however, that instead of singling out particular countries in some sections, it refers instead to specific ecological regions. For example, in the old video, the narration mentioned Saudi Arabia and Mexico. Now it simply refers to “arid regions.”

(Photo Credit: WDWNT)
(Photo Credit: WDWNT)

l’m so glad they are updating this attraction. It’s one of the original attractions left and I would hate to see it removed.

Also coming soon to The Land pavilion will be a new digital film called Awesome Planet.  This will be in the Harvest Theater upstairs and will open in January 2020.

Adding film is a relatively inexpensive way to update the area, but if it means we can keep it longer I’ll take it!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: WDWNT (You can see more photos and a video on their article)

Featured Image Source: Dad For Disney

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