New Collectible Honeydukes Wizarding World Candy Container Arrives at Universal Orlando


Very recently, a new collectible item “apparated” its way into the Honeydukes shop in Hogsmeade area of Islands of Adventure. Honeydukes features a wide variety of Wizarding World candy. You can also buy special fudge along with many other Wizarding World merchandise items here. One thing we know for sure about Wizarding World fans, they love their merchandise.

A new collectible candy container will surely bring all the wizards and witches to the yard.  Many of the team members within the Wizarding World have not seen this product yet. The Honeydukes shop offers many collectible items such the cards from the “Chocolate Frogs.” Also, most of their candy comes in options for a collectible container. Many of those containers find their way into my house. I understand that one of these new Honeydukes containers made its way home today.

Photo by Maggie Self

These collectible candy containers cost $25. For a Wizarding World item of this size and quality, that price point functions as reasonable to most Wizarding World fans. The candy containers include Wizarding World candy of several varieties. Now, each container only contains one type of candy. If you need every type, be prepared with your money. As a true Muggle, I might have missed a few of the options.

However, I found:

Sherbet Lemons

Fizzy Wizzy

Pear Drops

Fruit Balls

Pineapple Cubes

Sweet and Sour Drops

A few of these flavors struck me as new to the Wizarding World offerings. Well, I am a Muggle but “Pear Drops” and “Sweet and Sour Drops” looked new at least to me. Based on doing quick math in the store near closing time, each container holds between 30-40 pieces of candy. The size will vary depending on the type of candy held within. A suggested serving size is four pieces of candy. I sense that most Wizarding World fans will consume more than that amount at once. Of course, some Wizarding World fans never open the collectible candy container leaving them to be displayed in pristine fashion.

With supply chain issues and the hunger of Wizarding World fans for merchandise, these items will fly off the shelf. As always, if you find yourself within Universal Orlando, be on the lookout for these new candy containers.

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