Negaduck Makes His Q-Fig Debut Exclusively At Entertainment Earth

Who is that devious, daring, dangerous, and deranged Duck? All those “D” words that I can conjure while trying out my alteration describe the interdimensional terror that is Negaduck. Looking not at all, unlike the heroic Darkwing Duck, Negaduck hails from an alternate St. Canard and is the polar opposite of Drake Mallard in every way.

Negaduck was a fun villain for those of us who remember the Disney Afternoon syndicated show. In a landscape where cartoon bad guys were usually outwitted with ease, Negaduck felt a step above that. He may have been one of the few actual threats existing in a Disney television series.

Now, thanks to Entertainment Earth, he is his own exclusive Q-Fig.

Disney | Entertainment Earth

Do-gooders beware! Inspired by the beloved Disney animated TV series Darkwing Duck, this Darkwing Duck Negaduck Q-Fig – Exclusive presents Darkwing’s arch-nemesis as he prepares to torment the good citizens of St. Canard. Clad in his signature yellow trench coat, a flowing black cape, and a bright-red hat, villainous Negaduck is every bit the evil doppelgänger to Drake Mallard’s heroic Darkwing. Negaduck stands roughly 5-inches tall, from the crown of his wide-brim felt hat to the painstakingly detailed gargoyle-themed base, and he’s limited to just 2,000 individually numbered pieces! You don’t want to miss out on this exclusive Q-Fig from Entertainment Earth, so order yours today before it’s too late!

All cower in fear before Lord Negaduck, ruler of the Negaverse! For he’s the sourball in the candy jar of goodness. He’s the shopping cart that nicks your car’s paint job. He’s the skunk that pollutes your air. And he’s here to spread his own personal brand of misery and mayhem. A master of interdimensional travel, Negaduck is the polar opposite of heroic Darkwing, with a hatred for all things cute and cuddly and a penchant for wanton destruction.

Negaduck is only $29.99, and Entertainment Earth is taking pre-orders now. The dastardly doppelganger will be swooping into our reality in September 2021.

What did you think of Negaduck during the original Darkwing Duck series? What about his setup in the recent Ducktales reboot? Let us know your thoughts on the villain in our comments section.

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