Morbius VFX Head Reveals Details On Reshoots And Original Ending


SONY’s latest Spider-Man spin-off film, Morbius, recently released on BluRay and DVD for all the “Morbin Time” fans to enjoy. The film underperformed below SONY’s expectations, only earning $164 Million on an $83 Million budget. The film was originally said to cost $75 Million but was increased due to multiple reshoots leading up to its release.

In a recent interview the film’s head of VFX, Joel Behrens, went into some of the details of the reshoots and how the ending we got wasn’t what was originally planned:

We had done some work on the original scene, but not an extensive amount, because there were rumblings that they were thinking about changing the ending. So we had done some dev work and I wouldn’t say a lot of shot work on it. But we had done a little bit of dev work because it was supposed to be initially Central Park, in that field area that you saw. And they just decided that they wanted to go a different direction with the fight, I think Daniel Espinosa thought it was a bit more dramatic underground. So we had found these pictures of some of these under construction, subway tunnels that actually exist in New York.

And some that have just been sitting there and never finished. And there was these just gigantic caverns with these four tunnels done at the end that each could fit the size of a subway through them. So we saw some of these pictures and Daniel really liked the idea of them sort of just punching down through the ground as they fight on this construction building. And finishing the fight where he can take advantage of gathering up all these bats and defeat Milo in a more dramatic sort of fashion than we had in the outdoors.

The film’s original ending would have seen Jared Leto’s Morbius team up with Tyrese Gibson’s detective Simon Stroud (who would have had a robotic arm) to fight and defeat Matt Smith’s Milo. But it was decided to be changed to a one-on-one fight by the end. The original ending had been mostly filmed but was cut.

With SONY attempting their big Spider-Man shared universe perhaps not only should they make sure their writers are of a good enough quality, but also that they have everything locked down as to avoid any unnecessary and expensive reshoots that could balloon the budget out of control.


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