May Contain Bacon Burger from Toothsome Universal Orlando

Photo courtesy of Kimmie Caputzal

Toothsome Chocolate Factory and Savory Feast Kitchen developed a solid reputation on their extravagant milkshakes. In fairness, those milkshakes are good quality and come in a collectible container. Toothsome, for short, continues to be one of the more difficult full-service dining options on Universal Orlando property to get a reservation. Even though most people dine here in CityWalk for desserts, the savory options deserve some consideration. For me, I find the burgers and sandwiches here provide good value for theme park dining. Of course, the “Steampunk” style theming does not hurt. Maybe if you are lucky when you dine here, Penelope and Jacques will pay you a visit. However, Penelope will probably try to convince you to get an extra dessert so beware. She needs some more capital to pay for that expansion to China, you know.

Penelope and Jacques

A popular burger at Toothsome makes it clear what you are ordering. The “May Contain Bacon” burger costs $18.95. This menu item consists of a half-pound house made burger patty, bibb lettuce, smoky thick cut bacon, grilled pork belly, pineapple chutney, and pepper jack cheese. To make this burger complete, a pretzel bun holds it all together. AS you would expect, this comes with fries.

I shall start with the obvious. If you do not like the flavor or consistency of pork products, why are you still reading this? This burger qualifies as bacon overload. I doubt you will consume as much pork as some popular grease filled bacon dominating fast food burgers, but pork will be an important flavor. If you love the taste of bacon and pork belly, this burger will call you. You might start dreaming about this burger. Okay, maybe that statement exceeds reality. Still, you will know you ordered a pork product covered burger.

Photo courtesy of Kimmie Caputzal

On the positive side, the burger patty itself offers a solid flavor. The beef flavor does not get lost in this burger. The bacon provides good flavor to compliment the burger patty. When combined with the pork belly in bites, the savory flavors tease your taste buds. The chutney serves to balance out all the savory. That chutney plays its part well in this dining drama. Though I desire a better pretzel bun, this works well with all the combinations going on within this burger.

If you are a bacon lover, this burger offers no real negative. If you simply like bacon on burgers, there exist a few potential negatives. Based on nature of burger construction, some guests express that some bites taste mostly full of chutney with very little pork/bacon flavor. Other guests state that the chutney overpowers the burger. My experience does not match that, but I want to be fair. However, with some many components, the chance of imbalance in flavors increases dramatically.

I found this burger to be a good choice. I would probably choose a different burger or sandwich here myself. However, if a bacon and pork belly covered burger sounds good to you, this should be on your list of food to try during your next trip to Universal Orlando. As always, eat like you mean it!

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