Marvel’s Eternals Now “Rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes at 59% Critical Score


Everyone is talking about the upcoming “Eternals” film from Marvel and it isn’t always in a good way. We already saw very boring looking commercials, with dance numbers and very little action. Then there is the issue of so many new characters being shoved into one film. Now the critics have collectively given it a “Rotten” score on the Rotten Tomatoes site.

Right now there are 116 Critical reviews and the score keeps dropping.

Here are some of the reviews:

Representation should be the headline-grabber for Eternals, but instead, the conversation around the film will likely focus on how much of a disappointment it is.” Bernard Boo (PopMatters)

The star-studded supergod origin story is all bland fight sequences, cold flashbacks, and blank faces taking in stunning vistas.“–Tirhakah Love (Daily Beast)

This sounds kind of fun. And I wish it were. But with the exception of Kumail Nanjiani who offers, without question, the only real reason to see the movie, the story takes itself far too seriously for fun or, really, even logic.” — Megan Basham (Daily Wire)

A particular dud, and Marvel’s worst in years. The mythology is ridiculous, the cast overstuffed, and the action unimpressive.” — Stephen Silver (Splice Today)

If Eternals stuck to the multi-million dollar blueprint, it could have been one of the more fascinating MCU entries instead of the most disappointing effort to date.“–Jeffrey Lyles (Lyles’ Movie Files)

A Marvel epic that values personal connections over spectacle? Sorry adrenaline junkies, but that’s what Oscar-winning, indie director Chloe Zhao brings to her first blockbuster. The result is uneven, but memorably inclusive and unique.” — Peter Travers (ABC News)

In many ways Eternals is not a Chloe Zhao problem as much as it is an MCU problem. After the lights came back on my first thought was that this is where comic book movies have “jumped the shark.”–Leo Brady (

It’s ugly, charisma-free, dour, overlong, exposition-heavy, patronizing, and, worst of all, it has none of the heart even feinted at by the least successful films within the MCU canon.“–Nick Johnston (Vanyaland)

It goes on and on.

This one should have just gone to Disney+ for all subscribers at this point. Some of the Marvel shows on Disney+ have much better reviews and had/has more demand than this film.

I can’t wait to see how the box office goes, but I also know that there have been “sold out” theaters for other movies with a lot of “sold” but empty seats.  So who knows if Disney will just quit while their ahead or double down harder.

I also look forward to seeing the audience scores on this one. Those have traditionally been much easier to manipulate as well.

It was telling when they started to ramp up advertising for “The Eternals” right before “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” came out. When the effort should have been put on that film and not the one coming out a couple months later.

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