Marvel Producer Wants To Make A Marvel Musical In The Future


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most popular film franchises in recent Hollywood history. With 27 films and counting expand into various different genres spanning action, comedy, science fiction, fantasy and more. But there is one particular genre that Marvel has yet to attempt venturing into, and that would be the Musical Genre.

Recently one of the producers of the recent Hawkeye series on Disney Plus, Trinh Tran, sat down with popular YouTube Channel The Reel Rejects for an interview talking about the series. When asked about who came up with a specific segment in the Hawkeye series ‘Rogers: The Musical’ and asked if we would see any more she replied:

I would love to make a musical one day for Marvel. Who wouldn’t?

The ‘Rogers: The Musical’ segment refers to a part in the Hawkeye series where there was a Broadway production of the life of Steve Rogers in the form of a musical. Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye went to see the play and would have some PTSD of the events in the first Avengers film.

The idea of a Marvel Musical isn’t as crazy as it seems, as in the past the Marvel Universe was part of one of the biggest failures in theater history, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark from 2010. Producer Julie Taymor, known for the Broadway production of The Lion King decided to do a Spider-Man themed musical. The production went down as one of the worst handled in Broadway history, loosing over $60 Million and almost resulted in the death of stuntman Christopher Tierney when he fell 30 feet and fractured his skull as well as suffering broken ribs and internal bleeding.

If Marvel were to attempt another go at a Musical style it is union if it would be a show on Broadway or a film similar to Hamilton. But hopefully it won’t be as bad of a production as Turn Off The Dark.

Would you watch a Marvel Musical?


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