Mark Hamill and ‘Star Wars’ Fans Thank Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni on Twitter


This is the way.

Fans of ‘Star Wars’ are joining Mark Hamill in thanking Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni for brining back Luke Skywalker and hope to the “Star Wars’ franchise.

If you haven’t been following the events of the past few years, the Disney/ Lucasfilm sequel trilogy has created a huge split in the decades old Star Wars fandom. It was beyond just liking or not liking the films. The new movies never gave long time fans the moment of the original cast together again. Many fans felt that they “assasinated” the character of Luke Skywalker. Then employees and freelancers from Lucasfilm even went so far as to harass and mock long time fans. We just saw it again with Pablo Hidalgo mocking a youtuber.

Then “The Mandalorian” came and started to win back some good will. It was uniting the fans again. The finale of Season 2 saw Luke Skywalker return in a way that many felt was what we should have gotten with the sequel trilogy.

After the episode Mark Hamill expressed his gratitude to Favreau and Filoni:


Twitter joined Mr. Hamill in the #ThankYouJonAndDave hashtag

This is just extra sweet!

The tweets go on and on!  People love Luke Skywalker Disney and Lucasfilm. He means so much more to them than you realized. Heck I’m crying as I read these tweets and write this story. You can create new things and build new characters without lessening the old ones. Even if you have new “diversity” mandates and now “against” “white male” lead characters.

When there are stories coming out, with images, that Lucasfilm literally has a picture of Luke Skywalker with a red marker “X” across his face, hanging on the wall, what else are fans supposed to think?

Mark Hamill posted this message today:


I’m so glad that Mr. Hamill got this happy moment to “cherish forever” because a lot of people cherish him and Luke Skywalker and classic Star Wars.

Star Wars still matters. Star Wars still sells, which is why Disney keeps pushing classic Star Wars now. Both new and old can exist together, just don’t ruin one to “elevate” another. Mr. Favreau and Mr. Filoni get that.

The fans have spoken!

Source: Twitter

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