Luisa Madrigal Has Become Incredibly Popular With Many ‘Encanto’ Fans


Fans can get enough of Luisa Madrigal (Jessica Darrow) from the recent Disney film ‘Encanto.’ Bruno and Luisa are the two characters everyone is talking about and the song “Surface Pressure” and “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” are topping music charts.

Luisa has been resonating with people since she appeared in the trailer for the film, well before her song became popular. People are loving her unique look and it turns out that Disney animators had to fight to make her that way.

Dylan Ekren, an illustrator and character modelling supervisor talked about the difficulties they faced making her look they way she did when it didn’t fit the “mold” of other Disney women:

I think we all just wanted to do it in a way that worked well with the style and really made sense for the character and I’m really proud of the way that she turned out. The entire team was so awesome. I just pushed buttons in the right order.

These comments were posted on Twitter in an account that since has been privated.

I have to admit I’m a bit surprised that given Disney’s very outspoken call for “diversity and inclusion” in everything, including authentically representing animatronic monkeys, that something like this would have been embraced by the powers that be.

The animators made the right call because the character is incredibly popular.

I’m hearing on several boards that people want  more Luisa merchandise, and it’s not just girls, boys love her too!

People have also brought up the fact that they have Isabela toys showing her as she was when she was being mean and “perfect” and not so much after she let’s go of all that and becomes herself. I think if they had more merchandise of her as her true self it would sell.

If you are looking for Luisa merchandise I have some links for you.

Walmart has a set with Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela and Antonio for $44.88

Disney Store Deluxe Doll Set – $99.99

Encanto Madrigal Family Set Walmart – $19.97

Luisa 3″ Figure – $4.44

Madrigal Family 6 Piece Set – $24.99

There are other items (like t-shirts) popping up that are being made by third party sellers that feature Luisa.

So there is merchandise available if you look for it. I guess it goes to prove that you never know what will resonate with people until it does.

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