King Louie and Baloo Kites Hit Trees During New Disney KiteTails Show


Yesterday was only the second day of the 50th anniversary celebrations at Walt Disney World and already it’s hit a snag, or more accurately, got snagged by trees.  The new Disney KiteTales show is now happening over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom an the large Baloo kite got tangled in a tree, while the King Louie kite caught on a tree and was torn.

Of course cameras were filming and it’s all been recorded.


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Here’s what the show looks like when they aren’t snagged. In theory the idea is fantastic, but it seems to be less great in practice.

But two of the large kites got taken out already. I would think they had back-ups, or they would simply work around that segment, but they canceled shows, so who knows.

The incidents caused the show to switch to “B Mode” and then led to the shows being canceled for later in the day.

Blog Mickey has a look at the underwhelming “B Mode” version.

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