Is Gina Carano Returning to ‘The Mandalorian’ or Not?

Gina Carano at Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Press Event

Could Gina Carano be returning to The Mandalorian on Disney Plus?

A cryptic tweet of some intergalactic art has some media outlets speculating that the ‘cancelled’ Cara Dune actress might return to the Star Wars galaxy.

The artwork comes from the digital artist Stuz0r, according to Cinema Blend. It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Star Wars.

While there was no context provided, some fans on Twitter were already eager to welcome Gina Carano back to the Star Wars fold…

“Hopefully you are returning to Star wars as the fans would love to see you back, if not they will follow whatever you go on to do!” wrote one user. “Did Disney come to their senses yet,” asked another.

Some warned Gina Carano not to return to Lucasfilm under any circumstance.

“Great pic. Word of advice. Do not return to Lucasfilm. They are ravaging Star Wars. The Mandalorian is nothing compared to the vast lore the universe has. You could have been a badass in the well written stories of SW. But Lucasfilm has become weak/lazy/greedy. Dont return there,” said a passionate Twitter user.

Others were not so keen on the actress to return.

“You’ve genuinely been granted access to my no fly list. Automatic no watch for anything you’re in ever again. I still can’t believe they didn’t vet you for being in a cult before they let you touch Star Wars at all,” said this Twitter user.

Carano posted the tweet on June 15, and there’s been no word of a return to The Mandalorian or any other Lucasfilm project since then.

It’s honestly very unlikely that Carano would be asked to return under the current Lucasfilm regime, given the acrimonious split between herself and Lucasfilm.

Gina Carano was fired off The Mandalorian earlier this year due to social media posts a Lucasfilm spokesperson claimed were “abhorrent.”

Whether or not Carano’s posts were actually “abhorrent” has been a subject of debate over the past few months, with even media outlets like Forbes claiming Disney made a massive misstep in firing the indisputably popular actress.

Since that time, Disney has seemingly walked back her complete “cancellation.” The actress still appeared on an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, and toys of her character Cara Dune are still widely available.

[Hat Tip: Deseret News]


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