Is Disney Taking It Too Far By Removing Film Availability From Children’s Profiles on Disney+?


Disney has previously put up cultural and racial depiction warnings on Disney+ content and now they’ve just gone one step further by blocking certain movies from children’s accounts. Removing “Swiss Family Robinson,” “Aristocats,” “Dumbo” and “Peter Pan” from the children profile accounts on Disney+.

They are putting warnings up on the “adult account” pages and directing people to theirStories Matter” page.

Stories shape how we see ourselves and everyone around us. So as storytellers, we have the power and responsibility to not only uplift and inspire, but also consciously, purposefully and relentlessly champion the spectrum of voices and perspectives in our world.

We can’t change the past, but we can acknowledge it, learn from it and move forward together to create a tomorrow that today can only dream of. To that end, we’ve brought together a group of experts from outside our company to advise us as we assess our content and ensure it accurately represents our global audiences.

Each film has a reason for the removal:

“Dumbo” for blackface and the racist crows.

“Peter Pan” for their racist depiction of Native Americans.

“The Aristocats” for their racist depiction of East Asian stereotypes.

“Swiss Family Robinson” is because the pirates are yellow or brown.

Meanwhile in “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”

If Disney wants to do this that’s up to them. I applaud the fact that they aren’t just erasing stories but are leaving them up with warnings.

Rather than removing this content, we see an opportunity to spark conversation and open dialogue on history that affects us all.

Except “Song of the South.”  Even Whoopi Goldberg was asking for the film to be released for this exact reason, but that wasn’t enough. It’s better to step over it and undo the historical impact and bury that James Baskett, who played Uncle Remus, was first black male performer to receive an Oscar.

The issue I have is that Disney is taking it upon themselves to decide for me what my children can put on their profiles to watch.

Disney is going too far by blocking age appropriate content on children’s accounts, because they, and their outside “group of experts,” have decided that they know better than parents do.

A lot of people feel that Disney has been taking these initiatives too far as of late and this is just another example.

Yes, I get that the films aren’t blocked off entirely and they can still be accessed by the parental accounts so kids can still watch them on those accounts. But if I agreed to allow my children to add a movie to their profile, then as the parent and the owner of the account, I shouldn’t have Disney undo my choice and decide for me what my kids should and shouldn’t be exposed to.

The warnings were a reasonable compromise that let the movies up but addressed concerns that some people had.

For a company that goes on and on about how they are going to do better about racism, they have Lucasfilm not acknowledging prominent black actors, minimizing black characters, allowing harassment of women, etc. But they double down against racism when it applies to their new High Republic initiative.

Or how Disney was called out for filming “Mulan” near locations that many consider “concentration camp” type locations and then thanked the CCP in the credits.

Maybe Disney should worry more about keeping those kinds of things in line and less about what I think my kids should be allowed to watch on their own.

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