Here We Go Again with Universal Orlando Early Park Admission


Not many days ago, I typed up an update about a change to the early park admission schedule for July. At least at this point, all information given in that update continues to be true. However, some new information arose recently. Since park operating hours and early park admission schedules are always subject to change, guests should check often. However, on my normal theme park writing day, I casually went to check operating hours for August 2020. Up to this point, August 2022 hours of operation had not been released. This pattern should not be seen as unusual. The rest of this article will describe changes found since the last update.

First, August 2022 hours of operation are displayed on the Universal Orlando mobile app now. The hours reflect expected August hours with a predominant 9am-9pm schedule for the two land-based parks. Also, early park admission looks available only to enter Islands of Adventure in August 2022. That pattern fits the historical pattern for August. These same theme park hours appear on Universal Orlando’s website under park hours. Still, I would anticipate early park admission switching to Universal Studios in September due to Halloween Horror Nights starting then,

Second, we found a change in the early park admission options on the Universal Orlando website from earlier this week. Yet, the Universal Orlando mobile app does not reflect that change as of time of writing on June 24th. This inconsistency between mobile app and the website happens often. The general rule for Universal Orlando guests would be to follow what the mobile app says.

Having said that, the mobile app still matches the previous update. That update indicated early park admission for Universal Studios Florida for only July 1-10. Islands of Adventure will have early park admission every day in July.

At this point, the inconsistency between mobile app and website presents a challenge for Universal Orlando would-be visitors. If you desire to visit Universal Orlando between July 11th and 31st, check the Universal Orlando website and mobile app often. Right now, the website indicates early park admission will happen at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure for all of July, not just July 1-10. Yet, the mobile app still indicates early park admission only at Islands of Adventure from July 11th-31st.

Based on historical patterns, I expected July to have early park admission at both parks. Also, I expected the first two weeks of August to have both land-based parks open for early park admission. As we can see, Universal Orlando struggles with consistency between website and mobile app. Sadly, nothing new about that. Also, guests need to watch for ever-changing information about theme park hours and early park admission procedures. We must wait and see if all of July has two park early park admission. At least we can be confident that all Universal Orlando theme parks will have early park admission July 1-10. Good luck with your planned visits to Universal Orlando for the rest of summer leading to Halloween Horror Nights.

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