HasLab Will Be Developing a Huge Star Wars ‘Black Series’ Rancor!

The Black Series Star Wars vehicles have been pretty sweet so far. I recently picked up Slave 1, and even though it was made for the 3.75″ figures, it still packed a lot of detail that had been lacking from previous versions of Boba Fett’s ship. The thing is huge, too!

HasLab depended on fans to help bring Jabba’s barge and Mando’s Razorcrest to life for the even larger projects. But what is next? Well, HasLab announced at StarWars.com that the next project for the team would be Jabbas favorite pet/waste disposal unit, the rancor.


Now, having another Rancor scaled to match the smaller figures would be cool, but HasLab said, “Nah, we going big, brah.” Yup, the crowdfunding arm of Hasbro is targetting a Rancor big enough to be on scale with the 6″ Black Series characters.

That. Is. Gonna. Be. Gigantic!

A normal rancor stands at about 14′-15′ tall. Keep in mind that these creatures are hunched over. So, if they stood upright, that would probably be closer to 30′. The Black Series rancor will probably come in around 1′-6″, maybe a little less. Combining that with the level of articulation typically found in toy series, that’ll be a pretty cool figure.

Will it be able to devour Gimorian Guards, though? Probably not. I had the original rancor from the Return of the Jedi toyline in the ’80s, and the best we could do was make green playdoh piggies and let it eat them. Then get yelled at by grandma because she’d have to fish out all the clay from the toy’s innards.

The campaign has not kicked off yet, but as soon as it does, we’ll update you! Previous HasLab projects can cost a few hundred dollars. How much would you be willing to put down to own a “My Pet Rancor” toy? Let us know in the comments.

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