Halloween Horror Nights ‘Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth’ Review

My Private group RIP tour continued from the houses behind the MIB attraction. We took a break, saw the lagoon show, and did one house before we went to see the Nightmare Fuel Show at 11pm. The house we went to was Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth. The house was located within a theatre of the Shrek attraction near the front of Universal Studios Florida.

HHN 30 entrance
Photo by Joseph Jacob

Based on the cancellation of last year’s full HHN, this house was only one “purportedly” that had to be done from the ground up. This house will not involve the need to bury a friend or pondering what happens when we all fall asleep. Based on a new 2021 design for this Shrek theatre location, the Universal Creative team gave us Case Files Unearthed.

Our tour guide Jim told us our introduction story for this house. He said the story starts in present and goes back in time then back to present.

This makes sense as we are seeing two character’s experiences play out in front of us with one in the past, Boris, and one in the present, Tim.

There is a character in present, named Tim Foil, who was doing research about whether these Boris Shuster novels, from the past, were based on real events.

Now Boris Shuster is a key figure in legendary truth lore. He was first introduced in the Bloody Mary House for HHN18. Boris was a detective and a novel writer. Jim, our guide, also told us about the homage to the original “Fright Nights” that started this HHN phenomenon in 1991 is referenced in the house.

This house is kind of rapid-fire from one scene to another.

There are an excellent use of big book covers set pieces to introduce the next scene. You then quickly move from one book cover to another.

We learn about totems in this lore, and we walk through previously unnoticed ventures in this search for truth against the demonic world. This house even featured an actual jazz singer. Though, I expected more scares in that area, but it was nice nod to Universal Studios Florida signage and tradition.

This house seemed longer to me, in a good way, than I expected since this is a smaller space.


I appreciated this house. As mentioned, that was mainly because I was told a significant amount about this house in advance. Beforehand, I knew very little about Boris Shuster and his demon fighting legend at HHN.

In fairness, I am sure some of the backstory literally flew over my head. Perhaps, if I were a HHN veteran then this house would have been different. I was told that my lack of familiarity with the legendary truth narrative would hinder this house. I expected a similar experience to “Welcome to Scarey.”  I cannot tell if that is true but know I enjoyed it.

I have also heard from several HHN amateurs who enjoyed this house immensely. The scares were good but not overwhelming. It was fun with a solid amount of eerie demon style horror. In my opinion, this house is worth your time. The waits tended to be lower about halfway through the event. This might help you on your adventure to HHN30.

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