GE Appliances Has Teamed Up With Lucasfilm for ‘Star Wars’ Promotion

(Photo Credit: @DrunkAtdisney)

When I think of Star Wars the first thing that comes to mind is not appliances, but GE apparently wants that to be what you think of.

GE and Star Wars have teamed up in a marketing campaign to promote both appliances and The Rise of Skywalker film. They are hoping to synergize their way to better sales. If we didn’t think that Disney was trying to market more to “wine moms” before this really seems to lead us in that direction.

@DrunkAtdisney on Twitter posted these images.


Let’s take a look.

First off GE is offering “3 ways to fulfill your destiny” with your choice of refrigerator finishes.

“Follow the light” with Stainless Steel

“Join the resistance” with Slate

“Embrace the dark side” with Black Slate

These are great refrigerators because the are the “Force of Innovation”

But if you buy the 4 piece set you can save quite a bit of money.

When I think of Power that will not fail you I don’t really think of Kylo Ren and the dark side. Stormtroopers can’t shoot worth spit and the dark side loses all the time.

I’m poking fun of course, but it’s such an odd choice for promotion. Usually we find something like Star Wars promoted in toys, clothing, fast food chains, but appliances?  Are there enough people out there clamoring for Star Wars themed appliances?

Oh and there’s a new one!

Then again United has a whole wrap on a plane right now.

It just seems more and more that Disney is pushing for the “mom” demographic and I don’t think it’s going to go the way they think it will.

As a big Star Wars fan, well a fan of 85% of the films, I think it’s just odd. But to each their own. On a side note I do like that Slate color quite a bit.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: @DrunkAtdisney on Twitter and our friend Lauren.


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