Futureport ’82 Releases Interactive Look at Opening Day EPCOT


Recently I posted a VR video from Defunctland taking guests on a recreations of Walt Disney World’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ attraction and now I want to share another amazing virtual re-creation!

Futureport ’82 is a project that is being made to recreate EPCOT as it was when it opened in 1982. According to their Facebook page the project is described as:

Yesterday’s future, today!
A project dedicated to rendering EPCOT Center’s Future World, whether as built, as a concept, or pure fantasy.
Our goal is to keep the ideals and accomplishments of EPCOT alive and fresh in our minds.

After many months of work they had a launch party for the project yesterday:

From the sounds of it, they plan on adding more as they go, with various people working on attractions.

Right now the ride parts aren’t built out, so for now they are using Martin’s Vids on Youtube to fill in the ride throughs. If you are familiar with Martin’s Vids then you know that he pieces together ride through videos from the past with the best footage he can get.

Eventually, they will built out the attractions, or at least that’s how it sounded from the video.

They have two versions, one that is their Futureport version and one that is the original version of what it actually was when the park opened in 1982.

What’s really fun is that they actually have the Communicore sections built and you can walk through them.

I remember the computer area!

They have the pavilions ready to walk in for the most part. Rides are coming.

World of Motion:

Journey Into Imagination:

The amount of work that went into this is ridiculously impressive! I can’t wait to watch them add to it!

So many people have been asking for a way to see the old attractions that are now lost and this is a great way to do that!

Here are the instructions from their Facebook on how to get the Futureport ’82 program:

It’s here! I’d like to officially announce the release of Futureport ’82 v1.0!
Installation instructions:
Extract the download to any folder on your PC, then run the Futureport82.exe file.
Windows will likely pop up saying something about security. This may be bypassed by clicking “More Info”, and then “Run.” You are more than welcome to run any anti-malware or anti-virus on the files, but this is pulled directly from an Unreal Engine 4 package and contains nothing malicious, other than music from the Astuter Computer Revue.
As always, disclaimers. I am 100% unaffiliated with the Walt Disney Company or any similar/related entity. I take no responsibility for what this may do to your computer, home, precinct, state, region, nation or reality.
Also the song from Age of Information will get in your brain forever. Sorry about that.
I’ll have a followup thread for any issues / bug reports that people may have. I’d like to keep that in a single thread if possible.
What do you think? Comment and let us know!
Source: Futureport ’82, A FRIEND

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