Frozen-Inspired ‘At Home With Olaf’ Series Coming to Disney’s New Website


Disney has just launched a new website, which is more of a hub for access to their videos, called But one new series caught our attention. On this new site, they are going to post a 20 video series called “At Home with Olaf.” No release schedule has been posted yet for how often or what dates we can expect new content.


What’s so fun about this new series is that it’s was created at home by Disney animator Hyrum Osmond and of course Josh Gad did the voice of Olaf. Which is pretty cool.

Fun fact though, people have worked from home on things like Disney Comics for years. The great thing about the internet and technology is that creators, voice actors, animators, writers and more all can work from home to create amazing content. We see it with animators and creators all the time! Maybe more and more companies will see the benefits from this moving forward!

These videos are going to literally be “shorts.” The first one “Fun With Snow” is only 41 seconds long with the actual animation being 30 seconds, but with only one person doing it, that’s very impressive!

I’m just so excited to see these being made at home with just a couple of people. It’s exciting and different. Refreshing.

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Source: Twitter

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