Fountain of Nations Water to Be Added to New Water Feature at Epcot

(Photo credit: Lauren Beal)

Okay, this makes me feel a bit better about losing the Fountain of Nations.

According to a post from Orlando Theme Parks News:

“To honor Epcot’s heritage while also looking ahead to its exciting future, Melissa Valiquette (Epcot Vice President) and Zach Riddley (Portfolio Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering) were joined by two current Epcot Cast Members to collect water from this iconic fountain.”

(Photo Credit: Orlando Theme Park News)

It really made me sad to hear that they were shutting down the Fountain of Nations, especially when delegates from 29 nations all brought water from their country to add to the fountain.  In the photo you can see the original vessels that were used by the country of Switzerland and Mexico to collect the water.

(Photo Credit: Orlando Theme Park News)

The Fountain of Nations was closed down earlier this month, along with Innoventions, Club Cool, The Character Spot, Fountain View, and Art of Disney locations. Walls have since gone up and the fountain was shut off.


(Photo Credit: Old Soul)
(Photo Credit: Old Soul)

After seeing this photo I’m sure that it will be dismantled shortly.

To be fair, that original water evaporated years ago, but the emotional connection from the story and the fountain are what Disney is trying to maintain. A lot of Epcot fans, like myself, are trepidatious about the “reimagining.” I think this gesture is two-fold: one to preserve the history of Epcot, and two, to try and offer an act of good will towards those that are worried about it.

I can appreciate that, even if I’m still sad.

The Fountain of Nations water will be added to a new water feature in the upcoming Epcot renovation. Hopefully it’s that really cool retro fountain they are going to put in. I am looking forward to that.

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Source: Orlando Theme Park News

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