Five Reasons We Love the Three Broomsticks at Islands of Adventure

(Photo Credit: Universal Orlando)

The addition of the Wizarding World to Universal Orlando changed the landscape of Orlando area theme parks. The conversion of the former “Merlin” themed section of the Lost Continent changed the dynamic of Islands of Adventure. A new themed quick service rose from the ashes of the former “Enchanted Oak” location there. As you know, The Three Broomsticks reigns as an excellent dining option in Hogsmeade area.

There exist way more than five reasons to love this place. Nevertheless, I will select five.


The setting matches so many scenes from the Harry Potter movies. Depending on which source you consult, some actual movie sets drew inspiration from the architecture done by Universal Orlando in creating this place. Like many themed restaurants, decorations fill the walls to set the mood for any Wizarding World fan.

  1. PATIO

The Three Broomsticks offers patio seating. On a pleasant day in Florida, the experience of dining here rates high. Even with the Jurassic World Velocicoaster running nearby, the noise level does not overwhelm diners here.


Even as a verified Muggle, I see the food quality rating higher than most quick service theme park food. In addition, the food options meet my preferred non-traditional criteria. The Three Broomsticks serves expected themed items like “Fish and Chips” and “Shepherd’s Pie.” Guests also find the “Chicken and Ribs Platter” and “Spareribs Platter” worth their time and money. This grows truer as similar menu items disappeared from The Thunder Falls Terrace. In addition, breakfast options draw a crowd here as well.


Ah, the sweet goodness of Butterbeer brings all the wizards to Hogsmeade yard. With the exception of Butterbeer fudge, guests may purchase all the other five types of Butterbeer here. Yes, you can even get potted cream version and hard park ice cream version. However, the biggest selling point relates to the fact you can get hot Butterbeer here. Hot Butterbeer tastes unique with a different formula than the cold or frozen variety.


Some might consider this cheating. Yet, this bar set-up shares seating with the Three Broomsticks. This also serves as the only other place you can get hot Butterbeer in Hogsmeade. The theming of this pub area equals that of The Three Broomsticks. Many Universal Orlando veterans make a point to visit this location often.

Take it from this Muggle…The Three Broomsticks rates high in terms of Orlando area theme park quick/counter service places. As always, no restaurant remains perfect all the time. Even some wizards/witches have things they dislike about the Three Broomsticks. Yet, this place will fulfill many Wizarding World fan’s dreams.

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