Five Great Movies & Shows That Are Still Not On Disney Plus


With over 120 Million subscribers world wide Disney Plus is one of the biggest streaming platforms out there. It has hundreds of movies and shows and thousands of hours worth of content. You would expect just about any Disney owned movie or program to be on there right?

Well unfortunately there are still certain shows and films that have yet to be added to the streaming platform. Some for legal reasons/pre-existing contracts or some for a logistical or unknown reason.

Let’s take a look at some shows and movies that are still not on the platform:

The Brave Little Toaster

The 1987 film The Brave Little Toaster shows the journey of a little toaster and his friends on the search for their old owner. Think Toy Story but with electrical appliances. The film seems to not be available on the platform due to licensing issues with Hyperion Pictures, the company that made the film. Funny enough the film’s two sequels, To the Rescue and Goes to Mars are available on Disney Plus.

The Legend of Tarzan

The television series The Legend of Tarzan ran from 2001 – 2003 for 39 episodes. The series takes place after the events of the 1997 Tarzan film and follows Tarzan, Jane and the rest of the Gorilla tribe on various adventures through the jungle, even adapting some material from the books. No known reason is given as to why this show isn’t on the platform.

Angles in the Outfield 

The 1994 film Angles in the Outfield is a sports film about a young boy named Roger who prays to god to help his favorite Baseball team, The California Angles, win a game. After that a group of Angles helps the MLB team win. It is a fun ilm not only about baseball, but a boy’s relationship with his father. The film also spawned two direct-to-television sequels. Sadly no reason is known as to why this film isn’t on the platform.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command 


This series ran from 2000 – 2001 and consisted of 62 episodes and a direct-to-video film. The series takes place in the world of Toy Story, as in this is the TV show the toy Buzz is based on. The series follows Buzz Lightyear and his crew of space rangers battle Emperor Zurg and various other threats to the galaxy. Though no official reason is given producer Tad Stones did say that the folks over at Pixar didn’t like the show. So perhaps someone over there wants to erase this show and replace it with the new Lightyear film. 

So Dear To My Heart

This 1948 live action film follows a young boy named Jerry, who adopts a young black sheep who was rejected by his mother. He names it Danny and decides to enter him in the county fair to try and win the blue ribbon. This film gives a strong message of working hard and never giving up. It also has segments of hand drawn animation and musical numbers. Sadly this film isn’t available on Disney Plus, possibly due to the film dealing with touchy subjects and even sharing some of the same cast as Song of the South. No matter the reason it’s a shame it’s still locked away.

Hopefully in the future we may see these classic shows appear on the platform in some shape or form.

What are some shows and movies you want to see added to Disney Plus?

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