Fan Pitch For A Predator Film Goes Viral Online


The Predator franchise is one of the biggest 1980s action franchises of all time. Next to series like Alien and The TerminatorPredator was successfully able to merge the sci-fi/action genre with the slasher/horror genre.

The franchise’s most recent film, Prey, was recently released on Hulu to a mostly positive reception. Having the galaxy’s greatest hunter travel to early 1700s America and battle  with Native Americans is definitely a fresh take on the franchise. 

The series has potential for the future with Prey‘s writer and director Dan Trachtenberg saying that he wanted to make more installments. That is if there’s no more legal drama surrounding the copyrights to the 1987 film’s original screenplay.

Fans are usually very enthusiastic when it comes to supporting their favorite franchises, and that includes coming up with ideas for where it should go. And one Predator fan may have come up with a scenario that many people seem to be on board with.

Independent film critic and journalist Byron Lefayette made a post on his facebook page with an interesting idea. Have a Predator film set in Feudal Japan where Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada (Known for The Last Samurai, 47 Ronin and Mortal Kombat) would play a disgraced Ronin who is on the hunt to kill a Predator who murdered his master.

The post on his FB page was shared around a bit, receiving about 500 reactions, 190 comments and 3,000 shares. But when a screenshot of his post was shared on the Film Monster FB page the post went viral.

As of writing the post from Film Monster has over 130,000 reactions, 10,000 comments and over 24,000 shares.

It’s safe to say that this idea was quite popular amongst the fanbase. Many fans to think a Predator vs. Samurai fight would be awesome. In fact the most popular scene from the 2010 film Predators was a fight between a Predator and a Yakuza member.

What do you think? Would you watch a Predator film set in Feudal Japan with Samurai?

Source: Byron Lafayette 

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