Exclusive: Composer John Massari Talks The Music Of Disney


Composer John Massari‘s music is everywhere. You may not have seen his name, but if you’ve watched television at any time during the past 40 years, you’ve heard his music. From ‘The Magical World of Disney’ to ’24’ to ‘Dr. Oz’ to ‘Dancing with the Stars’ he has had a hand in it.

Maestro Massari took some time out of his day to talk to us about his first gig with Disney and how he helped create the music that introduced EPCOT to the world.

We were able to find the piece of EPCOT music John mentioned below:

John was also the composer of ‘Killer Klowns From Out Space’ and Mike Jittlov’s special effects extravaganza ‘The Wizard of Speed and Time.’ The film featuring the green wizard has a connection to Disney, too. The original short of ‘WoST’ was shown in the ‘Magical World of Disney TV’ special ‘The Adventures Of Major Effects.’

You can check out more of Jittlov’s amazing Disney stop-motion shorts below:

The Killer Klowns got the theme park treatment at Universal Studios ‘Halloween Horror Nights.’ During the Klowns’ first appearance at the parks, I had an opportunity to sit down with John. We spoke of his reaction to hearing his newly composed score being played in the scare zone:

I want to thank John Massari for once again being a gracious guest and coming on the show. Check out his YouTube channel for more samples of his work and watch him conduct music live.

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