Ever Wonder How Much Disney Princess Jewels Would Be Worth In The Real World?

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Have you ever wondered how much a Disney Princess’s jewels would be worth in the real world or today? It’s an interesting question and Joel Kempson from Money.co.uk actually partnered up with David Allen of Purely Diamonds to find out!

They looked at each piece and determined what stones or metals would likely be used to create them and came up with a price. It’s also really fun to see what the experts think the pieces would be made out of.

Let’s take a look!

Queen Elsa’s Tiara, Sceptre and Orb – $800,000

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The experts from the article think the sceptre and orb and tiara would be made from gold with sapphires.

The sceptre is likely made of solid gold and is set with four sapphires, each weighing around five carats.” While the orb would have four 10 carat sapphires.

Elsa’s crown would be the most valuable in yellow gold with a 20 carat sapphire. Just the crown is estimated to be half the $800,000 total!

Queen Anna’s Tiara – $230,000

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Of course after Elsa’s reign it was Anna’s turn and her tiara would be worth approximately $230,000 according the article.

Like Elsa’s crown, Anna’s is in yellow gold, but her head piece features multiple gemstones and green enameling. According to the article they guess the gemstones as:

… a plethora of tourmalines (seven carats in total), citrines (12 carats in total) and diamonds (10 carats total)..

Rapunzel’s Tiara – $200,000

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Rapunzel has yet another gorgeous tiara and hers looks to be made of several gems set in yellow gold. The experts speculate that the large stone are moonstones that are about 150 carats. Additional gems make up the design including rubies, diamonds, pearls and emeralds.

Tiana’s Tiara and Necklace $130,000

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Tiana has two featured pieces of jewelry in her princess garb. The first one his her necklace that the experts guessed was made from Apatite, which is the far less expensive piece in her ensemble.

For her tiara they think it’s a white gold setting with emerald leaves and diamond accents.

Aurora’s Tiara and Necklace – $70,000

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Aurora’s pieces tend to be more plain. For her necklace the experts believe the piece would likely be made from plated 22 karat gold.

For her tiara it’s likely yellow gold with aquamarine stones.

Cinderella’s Shoes and Earrings -$55,000

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When Cinderella is transformed for the ball she dons a pair of “glass slippers” and a pair of pearl earrings.

In the original film the earrings were plain pearls and in “Ralph Breaks the Internet” the animators added diamonds. So the pricing varies slightly there.

Her ‘glass slippers’ would likely be made of crystal, or in the case of the film, Swarovski Crystal.

Jasmine- Headband, Earrings and Necklace – $7,300

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Princess Jasmine has some simple, yet larger pieces of jewelry. What surprised me the most was her headband. I never really thought about how it would attach, but the experts think it would be made from fine Mulberry silk and it would feature a 100 carat blue topaz set in yellow gold.

 For her larger necklace and earrings it’s estimated that they would likely be silver with a 24 karat gold plating. If they were solid gold they would be too heavy to comfortably wear and I don’t think Disney wants her to have torn earring holes.

Merida – Wristbands and Buckle – $6,600

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Merida isn’t a traditional princess and her jewelry reflects that. Her pieces would likely be made from gold and copper coming from the “ancient mines of Scotland and would be quite weighty.”

Raya – Hair Tie, Ring, Wristband – $3,500

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Wow! They even evaluated a character that hasn’t had their film released yet! ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ isn’t coming to theaters until next year, but they still took a look and decided what she was wearing.

Of course this was all based off her character designs and the trailer.

They noticed a gold band for her hair as well as wristbands and rings that would likely be rhodium plated silver, which would be correct for the time period.

Mulan’s Earrings, necklace and hair comb – $2,000

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When looking at Mulan the experts looked at her earrings, necklace and elaborate hair comb.  Her earrings are believed to be gold and her necklace would likely be abou 200 carats of Jade.

The comb would likely be made from jade and enamel.

Moana’s “The Heart of Te Fiti” necklace – $1,200

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Moana is from an island and as such, her pieces is made from gems and materials you would find there. To me this makes her piece one of the most interesting.

The experts believe that “The Heart of Te Fiti” would be made from twine, pearls and a volcanic gem–likely green obsidian.

Kida’s Earrings – $1,100

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Kida from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” wears earrings, that they believe are gold.

Pocahontas’s Necklace – $990

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Her necklace appears be made from turquoise for the majority of it. The piece hanging down would likely have been some kind of shell.

Ariel’s Earrings and Barrettes – $750

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For this one I think they are going with the version of her from “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” The earrings are estimated to be pearl, which makes sense. Her barrettes are likely sterling silver.

Belle’s Earrings – $400

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Belle keeps it simple, as she is more interested in reading than appearances. As such, they guess her earrings would be golden pearls.

Snow White’s Headband – $85

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Finally, coming in at the least expensive of them all is Snow White. Her simple headband is likely made from red silk. Although you can get something very similar for about $10.

I thought the idea behind this was such a fun and unique one that I had to share it. Make sure you check out the original article because they have a lot of fun details and they explain why they chose some of the metals and stones they way they did. It’s a very interesting read!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source- Full Credit to Money.co.uk

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