“Eragon Remake” Trends Online for a Disney Plus Show.


The Inheritance Cycle is a series written by fantasy author Christopher Paolini. Most people are aware of the first book in the series “Eragon”, Paolini was only 15 years old when he began writing it.

The book is also infamous for the 2006 Live Action Adaptation which is considered one of the worst fantasy films of all time, drawing aesthetic influence from the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings Trilogy and borrowing story beats from George Lucas’ Original Star Wars films.

The film rights to the book have remained at 20th Century Fox for some time but when Fox was acquired by Disney the license was also acquired by them.

Over the past weekend, Christopher Paolini tweeted #EragonRemake in an attempt to show Disney that there is interest in revisiting the series for a modern day adaptation, more specifically for the Disney Plus Streaming Service.

Once he made this tweet over 50 thousand fans did the same by liking, sharing and making their own messages with the #EragonRemake hashtag.

It is currently unknown if Disney’s media accounts saw it trending, but it does show that there is a passionate fanbase out there willing too support the return of the franchise.

Though it might not be enough to convince them since the 2006 film somewhat damaged the series’ reputation and Disney usually tends to disassociate with box office duds. Not to mention they seemingly have their hands full with various Marvel and Star Wars projects, so that window might not open in the near future. 

Then there’s the rumor that Disney is possibly planning on readapting the Chronicles of Prydain Series (The series which The Black Cauldron is based on).

Only time will tell if the Dragon Riders will once again soar through the skies.

Source: Cnet

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