Dwayne Johnson Wears ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Captain Jack Eye-liner In Joke About ‘Disney’s Jungle Cruise’


One of the most common reactions I’ve heard to Dwayne Johnson’s new ‘Disney’s Jungle Cruise’ film is that it is a lot like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ If you didn’t already think that his new film was heavily inspired by ‘Pirates’ get ready to be convinced. He just released a video with his comments on the subject during the press tour and then he goes all Johnny Depp for his funny video.

It starts off with just clips of him talking about how much he admired and loved “Pirates of the Caribbean” in regards to the scope of the films. Then Emily Blunt uses the moment to interject that he should have worn the eyeliner.

The Rock then uses a filter to put his face, with eyeline, on Captain Jack Sparrow.


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Been a real (humbling) joy to share how JUNGLE CRUISE has been a 20 year career dream come true.

20yrs ago I went to watch my first starring role THE SCORPION KING in theaters and saw the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN trailer and I was instantly inspired and motivated to work my ass off.

And hopefully🤞🏾one day I can make my own global adventure that was based off of an iconic, beloved Disney attraction

And costar with one of the greatest actors of our generation, in Emily Blunt…..

…who’s just laying in wait just to drop that Johnny Depp eyeliner joke on me.
“I CAN” Beeeyayotch 🤣

What was really interesting to me is that they are just owning that it’s heavily influenced by ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’

I can respect that! I appreciate it when people can poke fun at themselves too.

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