Drum Up Some Memories With This Star Wars RotJ Ewok Statue

Photo Credit: Gentle Giant

Sometimes, after you’re done saving the galaxy with primitive weaponry, it’s relaxing to use the heads of your enemies as musical instruments. That’s what the Ewoks did after the Battle of Endor at the conclusion of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Imagine being the stormtrooper who has to report back to what remains of the Empire to tell them that the second Death Star was lost due in part to some fuzzy, cuddly bears and a handful of Rebels. Well, if you were one of the three Imperial troops used as an Ewok drum kit, you probably didn’t have to worry about that embarrassment.

Gentle Giant has announced a new Milestone statue, this one celebrating the conclusion of Episode 6 when the Ewoks had a massive rocking party. The figure is limited to 500 pieces and is priced at $200. Expect the 9″ tall furball to ship during the fourth quarter of this year.

Photo Credit: Gentle Giant
Photo Credit: Gentle Giant
Photo Credit: Gentle Giant

Time to celebrate! With the second Death Star destroyed, and Imperial forces on Endor’s forest moon on the run, it’s time for an Ewok party, featuring a drum solo on Stormtrooper helmets! The Ewok drummer, Brethupp, raises his drumsticks as he prepares to drop a beat on three helmets, in a scene straight out of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Even we OT Star Wars fans can find some of Lucas’s ideas tiring. Ewoks are high on that list. It’s not the creatures themselves, but what could have been if the moon had been Kashyyyk rather than the forest moon of Endor. Imagine how awesome it would have been to see armies of Wookies taking on the Empire rather than tiny teddy bears. Oh, well.

If you’re looking for ways to take out your aggression on some Ewoks, check out one of the mini-games that came with the classic ’90s Parroty game Star Warped. The game came out two years before Episode 1 and did a relatively good job of lampooning the merchandising side of Star Wars.

A couple of interactive games are included, including Whack The Ewok. The goal is to shove an Ewok off a bridge in the village with a pole. It’s simple but satisfying. Check out the video below for a sample:

If you want to play as an Ewok and hunt down stormtroopers, or vice versa, Star Wars Battlefront 2 offers a multiplayer mode called Night On Endor. It’s an entertaining break from the other game modes, but the most fun I’ve had is deploying an Ewok during regular battles. They’re surprisingly resilient, and their stature makes them harder to hit.

[Source: Gentle Giant]

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