Disney’s Genie App Videos Heavily Downvoted on YouTube– Customers Are NOT Happy


Disney fans and guests are not taking kindly to Disney’s new plan to “improve the experience” and to give guests more freedom. Because it feels like nothing more than another upcharge and yet another hoop to jump through with all their recent changes.  Virtual queues, Park Passes, and now this.

Customers are not happy. So much so that they are showing it with downvotes and comments on Disney’s YouTube videos.

Currently the Genie App Full Overview video has been downvoted 4 to 1 with 1.1K upvotes to 5.4k downvotes.

The comments aren’t glowing either:

We’re so proud of what this is going to do for our guests.” Translation: We’re so proud of how much more money we’re going to suck out of our victims.”

“Always try to be positive, but it just seems hypocritical for Disney to claim they are trying to improve their guest experiences when in actuality they are just raising prices.”

“The funny thing is that in their official blog they literally say “We’ve been listening to your feedback so that’s why we created Disney genie” 😂😂😂hope they read this comment section for more feedback”

“I am almost 50 years old. Disney has been our family’s treasured vacation since I was 3 years old. Now I’m done. This is sickening. Chapek et al has managed to rob all the magic.”

I don’t believe, that Gary believes the bulls*** he’s talking. In this video he actually says ‘you’ll still be able to use the standby line at certain attractions at no extra cost’ as if a standby line for an attraction is a perk of visiting a theme park and Disney are allowing us to have for free 😂😂😂😂”

No more magical express, no more magic band, no more free fastpass, no more disney for me and my family. The cost of everything piles up for a family of four. It was fun while it lasted.”

An incredible new service’ that is effectively the same service you had before but now you have to pay for it on top of your day ticket! Wow…. Thanks…”

“Ya, NOPE. No way we are paying for this. DVC members 10+ years and Passholders. This is a disgrace. I’m all for add-ons but it is NOT exciting to pay for a service we all enjoyed for years for free. “Great news, we’re raising prices and removing services you’ve had for years to make you pay more 💰 so we can meet YOUR needs. Pixie dust to all, and you’re welcome.”

Those are just SOME of the top voted comments on ONE of the videos on the Genie App.

Another video “Disney Genie Service – Digital Overview | Walt Disney World & Disneyland Resort” has 744 upvotes to 3.8k downvotes.

Their video “NEW Disney Genie App — Coming This Fall | Walt Disney World & Disneyland Resort” is 692 upvotes to 2.9k downvotes.

People are NOT happy.  This comes after they announced what they are charging for the holiday “After Hours” events. The value is becoming less and less for people.  The “Disney Difference” is starting to mean something else to consumers and it’s not the amazing thing it once was.

It’s now a perk to be able to get into a Standby line?!

Disney might have just reached the line with a lot of their customers.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: Disney Parks YouTube and John S.

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