Disney’s 50th Anniversary Castle Decoration Loses It’s Gem Months Before the Celebration Even Starts

It seems the Cinderella Castle, 50th Anniversary decor may not be as secure as Disney intended as one of the “gems” fell off.

The internet is abuzz as images of the brand new decorations missing one of their pieces and what looks like a Command strip left behind.

To be fair I doubt they were only using a removable strip to hold it in place and there are holes for screws, so it was likely screwed into place. But the piece is now gone.  Either somehow removed or relocated by gravity.

Disney is supposed to make these types of decorations weather or hurricane resistant but they may need to reconsider their mounting methods.


Disney has bee preparing the castle for a couple of months now. They wanted to have the new pieces and EARidescence look completed ahead of the 50th Anniversary celebration that will kick off on October 1, 2021.

As Blog Mickey pointed out, the decorations have already gone up and the castle moat has already been refilled so it’s unlikely it was removed on purpose.

Here’s the image they posted:

The hurricane season is predicted to be above average as it was in 2020, so if this has happened with one of the “gems” ahead of storm season, one has to wonder what will happen when the storm season hits?

Here comes Twitter with their usual humor:

(It’s times like this that I actually like Twitter. It’s fleeting but amusing)

All joking aside, Disney needs to double check these and attach them better.

Maybe they need to get Gorilla Glue to sponsor the castle for the 50th. That stuff gets in there and doesn’t come off.

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