Disneyland Paris’ Orbiton Breaks Down After Reopening Two Weeks Earlier


Disneyland Paris has seen a number of refurbishments recently. From the castle getting a new coat of paint, to a number of rides such as Big Thunder Mountain, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, It’s A Small World and even Pirates of the Caribbean all getting some work done. One of those rides was the Orbitron, the park’s equivalent to the Astro Orbiter. The ride had been closed for about a year and is said to have been worked on extensively.


But it appears something it’s quite right. According to twitter user @DLPWelcome, a Disneyland Paris fan account, it shows that the attraction, which recently reopened two weeks ago, is down and out. Warning, the following tweet uses harsh language:

The current state of the ride is rather curious. Being closed for a year to receive repairs and refurbishment shouldn’t yield these results. Yet here we are. It makes one wonder if the same tender, love and care went into the other refurbishments as well. Hopefully that’s not the case, as seeing nearly half the park’s attractions closed all at once would definitely impact the already lower than usual guest numbers at the European park due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Most likely it was some sort of oversight and it can all be worked out is a short period of time. But currently you can’t blast off into space like you normally would. Instead your best bet is Star Wars Hypserspace Mountain (Formally known as Space Mountain: Mission 2).

Hopefully in the future this doesn’t happen again, or else people may start to think the other attractions being worked on might not be reciting the type of maintenance they require in order to properly function. Disneyland Paris is already struggling to get people into the parks. Any bad press would be poison to their reputation.

Source: ITM

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