Disney+ To Make 6-Episode Prequel to ‘Beauty and the Beast’


Disney has yet another project heading to Disney+ –Beauty and the Beast the Prequel

This time it’s going to be a 6-episode, limited-series, musical featuring Gaston and LeFou starring Luke Evans and Josh Gad from the live-action film.

Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz the creators of Once Upon a Time will be putting this one together, with Josh Gad serving as a writer and producer. Of course it’s untitled because calling it “Beauty and the Beast the Prequel” isn’t going to work.

Right now it’s supposed to be a 6-episode “event” with musical numbers. Alan Menken is also reportedly in talks to join the crew on this one.  Right now it’s all in early development.

What’s interesting is these are the same people who were going to make the Disney+ Muppet show “Muppets Live Another Day” that was axed.

I thought Comicbook.com made an excellent point:

While creative differences were cited as the reason for leaving The Muppets behind, it seems those differences were either with Disney+ or Muppets Studios, because the three got along well enough during preparation for that project that they jumped right from there to the world of Beauty and the Beast.

There seem to be a lot of “creative difference” between Disney and other creatives lately. Be it the upcoming Obi-Wan series or the Lizzy Maguire one, it does seem like “creative differences” are a problem and common denominator is Disney. But, it’s their streaming service so they can do what they want. I just wonder how much farther ahead their competition is going to get while they keep pushing back content.

What we do know is that this series is in early development and the same team that previously had “creative differences” with Disney or the Muppets is back again. A Gaston and LeFou show could be quite entertaining.

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Source: Comicbook.com, Screenrant

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