Disney Refreshes Most Boo Bash Availability Which Means Larger Crowds For a Higher Price


Disney has just refreshed most of the Boo Bash nights for September and October.  Halloween and Opening night are still sold out.

All of September has been replenished:

Most of October, except Halloween has been replenished:

I want to take a moment to look at what that means.

Disney justified charging $50 per person more for Boo Bash than they did for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party because they made it an “After Hours” event.  That normally means it should have much more limited capacity than a party event.  Usually the significantly lower amount of guests justifies the shorter time and much higher price tag.

Now they keep adding more guests.

This is after they added more dates.

It seems that Disney is inching closer and closer to the standard party that cost a lot less but with much higher capacity. Sometimes those parties are so packed it’s not that much different from an average day.

It’s making people wonder if it means that it’s going to be the same larger crowds for the MNSSHP but with an event that is two hours shorter, and one hour less for pre-event time.  With Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party guests got into the park at 4PM and the party ran from 7PM till Midnight.  Boo Bash has guests entering the park as early as 7PM with a party that runs from 9PM till Midnight (some nights 9:30-12:30 AM.)  That’s a significant decrease in park time.

If it was a true after hours event and the capacity was significantly reduced like other after-hours events, then it would be worth the cost, but now Disney is putting more people in!

Also worth noting is that the new event won’t have the Boo To You parade. It will just reuse the Halloween themed cavalcades they used last year.  Also fireworks have not been announced for the event yet, but I think they will add those.

It just seems like a huge price hike for less time and less of an experience and then the one perk that maybe made it worth it, low crowds, is being taken away.

Twitter responds:


I was literally just talking to someone about this.

Disney is just trying to squeeze as much money as they can out of the consumer.  I mean those millions of dollars in executive bonuses have to come from somewhere right?

I want to know how much the capacity for this event actually is in comparison to one of the party events?  Because it’s getting harder and harder to make excuses for them about why a $50 per person, shorter, stripped down event, is worth the price.

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