Disney Posts New Galactic Starcruiser Video


Disney must be worried about leaks and their “trusted media” beating them to the punch, or not showing what they want in the best light possible, so they just put up a staged video of their own. Honestly it isn’t much different than what we’ve seen in images and other promos. There are some new things though.

Mostly it’s just their three Imagineers talking about themselves and the process of developing the hotel and Galaxy’s Edge. How much love and passion they put in and how special it is.  (That’s code for stop hating on it.)

We do get to see a bit of an answer to one of the most asked questions I’ve seen. Who can fit in those wall beds! (Although according their short story, that was really a commercial, in D23 magazine a Gungan or a Jawa could fit.)

Take a look!

All the screens in the ship are synced so the action or what’s happening outside is shown to all guests. Of course your perspective depends on where you are at in the ship.

Here is the garden area they talked about in the D23 article. Given the stance I have to wonder if they have it rigged to move so you can “use the force.”

Lightsaber training.

Of course Rey is there and Kylo Ren will be too. (Heard from a friend that there is a chandelier that is going to be used by Kylo Ren as part of the show.)

I’m guessing this guy is the Lieutenant Harman Croy that is mentioned in the D23 magazine story/commercial.

The Data Pad they keep you super scheduled on:

Here are some more images:

Here’s what people are saying in the comments:

For many it’s the price tag!

PCDev  “It would be nice to see new footage from inside the actual Starcruiser!

SC- “Could we get a ride instead? Something everyone could experience in the park? Instead we get this hotel and space 220 experiences that’s re very expensive and limited capacity. With increasing prices one would think you would add more more rides to the parks. Universal is listening to its audience. Please listen to us 🥺

RB69 “When I first heard about this project years ago, I was pretty stoked. As someone who can’t stand going to the USA, I thought “Well, at least there’s a reason to go to Disney now”. Thanks for proving me wrong and saving me a LOT of money. This looks and feels as disappointing as my step-son who’s in prison for grand larceny. The worst part is that you chose your new sequel era Star Wars… again, completely ignoring the fans that made Star Wars what it is today. It’s rather pathetic that you still can’t figure out who your real customers are and continue to try to convince yourselves that new Star Wars is interesting or even feels like it’s in the same world that George Lucas created. In the words of Yoda, “That is why you fail.

SS – “So far im still not sold on the price tag for this

PB “Once someone figures out the sequel era is the last place 95% of fans want to exoerience the parks will do better. Couldnt pay me enough to go on a Rey/Kylo adventure. A Mando era experience could work. The whole thing looks to need a redesign.

ER “We sure did a great job! We sure did.

PR “I want this to be good. I really do. The concept sounds amazing. But it’s also going to be extremely difficult to pull off. (Budget cuts won’t help with immersion either.) Fingers crossed! At the very least, interacting with actual Star Wars aliens is pretty cool 🙂

RS “Looks amazing but will never be able to afford it. Walt would be disappointed in the company right now for pricing out a majority of the country with this and the price hikes. I took my daughter in 2019 we got free magic bands, free shuttle from the airport with magical express, we stayed at All star movies and got “good” extra magic hours. And now we are going to Universal because the trip would be over 1200 dollars cheaper with more perks and 2 more days at Universal. I love Disney but it’s obvious they don’t want people in my financial bracket in their Parks anymore 😔

JP “It seems like they want to convince you to go by saying over and over again how good they think they did and for you to think about the kids. Looks like a bunch of button clicking and fancy screens and galaxies edge for 2 extra hours which I’m assuming that if you can afford this cruiser you’ve already experienced it 100 times.

It goes on and on.

Again, I will reiterate, if you want a fair review wait until those that paid for their trips go and review it. Preferably sources you know will be fair. The access media given a free trip is likely going to not be objective, with a couple exceptions I’m sure.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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