Disney+ ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Star Was a Rescue Dog

(Photo Credit: HALO Animal Rescue)

Disney has been working on a new, live-action (yes another one) version of Lady and the Tramp for their upcoming Disney+ streaming service.

When a Hollywood animal scout wanted to find a great canine actor that could fit the bill, they found Monte, a two-year old terrier mix, at the HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona.

The film’s animal trainer, Mark Forbes adopted him last year from the Phoenix shelter.  Before that Monte was in the care of Animal Services of the Mesilla Valley in New Mexico.


According to Heather Allen, President and CEO of HALO:

“He was adopted from us in April of 2018, and we knew that the people that were meeting with him were considering him to be a Hollywood star, but we didn’t know for what, because it was top secret. We knew he had the potential to become a Hollywood dog.”

But Monte sounds like a very good boi who would be perfect for films:

“When he arrived at the shelter he was super friendly, he greets people right away, he gives kisses, he loves attention, he knows ‘sit’ and he knows how to walk well on a leash,” Allen continued.

I think it sounds like a great way to promote pet adoption! There are so many animals in shelters waiting for their forever homes. Even though I’m a bit tired of all the Disney live-action remakes, I sincerely see a great deal of paw-itivity and opportunity that can come out of this! This film could raise awareness and help other dogs, like Monte, find families of their own! That’s why I was happy to share this story!

Even if you can’t adopt a pet, you can volunteer or even send food or other items to shelters that need them.  So we have more happy endings like this one!

(Photo Credit: People Magazine)

Lady and the Tramp will be coming to Disney+ in November and will star Rose as Lady, voiced by Tessa Thompson, and Monte as Tramp, voiced by Justin Theroux.

What do you think? Are you the proud pet parent of a rescue pet? Comment and let us know!

Source: AZCentral.com, ABC15, People Magazine


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