Some Disney Springs Hotels Closed Until April 30. Will Disney Parks Stay Closed Longer?

(Photo Credit: Disney)

It’s looking more and more likely that at least Walt Disney World will stay closed longer than the previously announced opening date of April 1.

WDW News Today has reported that guests who booked a stay at the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace through Costco Travel recently received an email informing them that they don’t plan on opening until at least April 30.

Here’s that e-mail…

(Photo: WDW News Today)

No official word has come from any other Disney Springs area hotels, but given that Orlando might be looking to quarantine those infected with COVID-19 in local hotels, it’s a safe bet that’s it’s probably going to be months before things fire up again, and much longer until Orlando returns to “normal.”

Cast Member rumblings might indicate a longer Disney delay…

We’ve been hearing from Disney Cast Members that their schedules for opening week haven’t been posted yet. This also seems to be confirmed by WDW News Today.

We do know that most Disney divisions have meetings on Mondays, which means that many Disney department heads might not even know what the game plan is after April 1. Perhaps we’ll know more tomorrow.

But given that the overseas parks are still closed, despite the coronavirus threat waning, Disney might be down for awhile.

I’m all for “faith, trust and pixie dust.” But in the words of Scar… “be prepared.”

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