Disney Fans Can Participate in Virtual Parkeology Challenge, Saturday April 4th


Have you ever wanted to try the Parkeology Challenge? Well now’s your chance to do it virtually.

First of all. Some of you might be asking “What is the Parkeology Challenge?”

The challenge depends on which Resort you are at. If you are at Walt Disney World you must visit all 4 parks -Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and ride every ride (with none closed for refurbishment) on a normal operating day.

If you are at Disneyland, you must visit both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure and do the same.

This Saturday, April 4th, you can attempt it virtually!

Anyone can participate, just visit the Parkology site to learn more. You must register your group to play, and according to the Orlando Sentinel they already have more than 200 teams registered.

Here’s how to play:

“The Virtual Parkeology Challenge is equal parts creative exercise and physical scavenger hunt.

Parkeology will tweet out a ride– Pirates of the Caribbean, for example. Participants will have ten minutes to scramble around their house and find a creative, fun way to represent riding that ride. Participants then take a photo of themselves “riding” and tweet it out using the normal Parkeology Challenge tags: @parkeology #parkeologychallenge.

These photos are totally up to you — no limits, no requirements. You could take a photo of yourself watching Pirates of the Caribbean on TV. You could put on a pirate hat or you could float a boat in your tub. We are looking for fun, silly ways to represent each ride. Whatever you wish to do is fine with us!

Remember, just like in the normal Parkeology Challenge you must be in the photo!

After ten minutes Parkeology will tweet out the next ride. The rides must be done in the order Parkeology tweets. The goal here is for all of us to be “riding” each ride together at the same time. Please do not go out of order.

Because this is a virtual park anything can happen. That means ALL rides are now open for business (no refurbishments for us). We may be jumping around parks in ways traditionally impossible to do.

This is a group activity that gives us all a break from the news and an inclusive way to share what we love. If teams fall behind the ten-minute time limit for each ride or need to take a break that is no problem. Just follow our ride order, find interesting ways of representing riding each ride and have fun with us!”

If you would like to participate you can register HERE.

This is such a cute idea if you have the time to do it!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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