Dreamfinder Returns (Kinda) in a New Cici’s Pizza Ad


Disney fans have long clamored for the return of Dreamfinder to the Journey Into Imagination attraction in Walt Disney World, and now he’s finally back.

Well, okay, so it’s not at Epcot.

And, no, it’s not Disney bringing him back.

And, well, it’s technically not even Dreamfinder.

A new commercial for Cici’s Pizza features a top hat wearing man on a flying machine that looks an awful lot like Disney’s Dreamfinder. Check it out for yourself below.

The character is an inventor called C.C. Pazzini, and the pizza joint seems to be trying to scratch that itch Disney refuses to scratch.

The similarities between Pazzini and Dreamfinder are pretty uncanny, right down to the design of the flying machine. This does seem a bit intentional.

Despite the return of Dreamfinder to the Imagination pavilion being one of the most requested things ever by Disney Parks fans, Disney only trots the kindly inventor out for special events and nostalgia-bait retro merchandise.

Dreamfinder’s Dream Mobile sat in the Mouse Gear merch store for years, prior to its recent closure.

The closest we’ve gotten to a proper return of this theme park icon in recent years was a well-received 2014 Marvel Comics series called Figment.

It’s possible that Disney was testing the waters for Dreamfinder to return to the parks, but given how long it’s been since the comic’s release, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

At least we didn’t lose Figment. That was reportedly on the table at some point. And it’s a good thing, too. Disney made a ton of money on Figment popcorn buckets.

Maybe Dreamfinder needs a bucket of his own to get his ride back?

For those of you who’ve never seen the original Journey Into Imagination, check out the ride through video below.

[Hat Tip: Mike P.]




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