Disney Copyright Strikes “Low Key” Product from Redbubble– Will They Try To Trademark Loki Next?


In a recent post on Twitter from user @YourBoswel,l who has been selling a short titled “Low Key Loki” on Redbubble for the past two years, has suddenly had their product removed for “Violating Copyright” by Disney Enterprises, Inc.

The apparent infraction was for using the word “Loki” in the title.

This post received a number of RTs and support for the artist.

The piece itself was meant to be a reference to a shirt that Marvel’s Loki wore in a 2019 comic that said the phrase “Low Key” on it, with the artist stating that they altered the font to look different from the original and that it was made for cosplay purposes.

The artist has stated that they intend to fight the copyright flag in the near future.

This event caused a lot of discussion on whether or not Disney was attempting to Trademark the word “Loki” due to their recent Loki TV Series on Disney Plus.

Marvel’s Loki is based on the Norse God of the Same Name which has been worshiped for thousands of years. The idea of Disney attempting to copyright Loki reminds many of when Disney attempted to copyright “Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)” ahead of 2017’s Pixar film Coco, which also received a large amount of backlash and thankfully they were unsuccessful in their filing.

Whether or not Disney is attempting to Copyright the name “Loki” this shows that the company fully intends to protect their ownership of their IPs and sites like Redbubble and Etsy may be in trouble in the future as many artists and creators make works of art, clothing and cosplay pieces inspired by various Disney related IPs.

A purge of Disney-Related content may be on its way in the near future if this keeps up.

Source: Daily Dot 

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