Disney+ to Offer “Disney 18+” Adults Only Content in 2021? Black Widow Premier Access CONFIRMED?

How adult will Disney+ get?

Disney+ might be getting a little more adult, if a rumored leak is to be believed. A trailer seems to be indicating that an 18+ version of the Disney streaming service will launch in April 2021, which was a boon to Disney stock yesterday.

Disney 18+ appears to be launching in April 2021. This could put Disney+ on equal footing with Netflix and HBO Max.

The official announcement is said to take place during Disney’s Investor Day on December 10, but the alleged leaked trailer below mentions “Disney 18+” launch day as April 2021 at the very end of what appears to be a trailer for Premier Access for Disney’s Black Widow.

The trailer also shows High Jackman as Wolverine, apparently from the R-Rated Logan, as well as Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

One of the weakest points of Disney+ was Disney’s refusal to stream adult content. This puts them at a huge strategic disadvantage over rivals Netflix and HBO Max. Thus far, edgier content — like FX — has been relegated to Hulu. But this could be changing soon.

Per LRM, Amazon Studios’ former head of strategy, Matthew Ball, commented on what the leak could mean for the streaming service via a lengthy Twitter thread.

It should be noted that an R-rated Deadpool 3 has been greenlit by Disney, and if theaters are mostly defunct by the time it premieres, Disney 18+ would be a perfect home for it.

Let’s just hope that Disney doesn’t get too adult with this.


[Hat Tip: LRM]

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