Darth Vader Meet and Greet Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Cue the Imperial March! Here Comes Lord Vader!

(Admit it , you heard the song in your head.)

Several blogs and the Disney Parks Blog are reporting that Darth Vader will be replacing Kylo Ren in the Star Wars Launch Bay Meet and Greet line-up starting on the opening day for Galaxy’s.

Vader will be joining Chewbacca and BB-8 beginning on August 29, 2019. Originally he was part of the line up, but was replaced by Kylo Ren when the Disney Star Wars sequels started.

No word on a Kylo Ren meet and greet in the new Star Wars area, but at Disneyland there isn’t one. He walks around sometimes and I know he’s in a stage show for a few minutes.

(Photo Credit: Disney)

But Why?

It makes sense as Disney used Darth Vader in that area before, but I think Disney is trying to do as much as they can to make sure they appeal to classic fans as well as new fans. They are facing a lot of backlash involving Star Wars.

The Last Jedi caused a large disturbance in the force with the fandom and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland has been lacking the crowds Disney assumed they would have. We could say they find the lack of faith…disturbing (I couldn’t resist.)

Even the main stream news channels are picking up on these things. I would guess they are trying to appeal to as many fans as possible when the new area opens.

It’s always good to change it up a bit anyways. A lot of guests do come back more than just once every few years and character rotation is a good idea.

Well it’s good news for Darth Vader fans and classic Star Wars fans either way!

In a funny and not really related, but kind of related story, we were there for Father’s Day a couple of years ago and Thom asked Kylo Ren how his Father’s Day was going. That was rather amusing. He didn’t have a pre-programmed response for that one.

What do you think about the change? Are you excited? Disappointed? Would you like to see other characters? Comment and let us know!

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