D23 Unveils New “D23 Gold Duo Plan” That Will Replace “D23 Gold Membership Family Plan”


It looks like Disney has found yet another way to charge you the same for less. This time they are replacing the D23 Gold Membership Family Plan with a new D23 Gold Duo Plan. Now for the same price of the Gold Membership Family Plan you can get the two membership Duo Plan starting on January 1st.

Here is what the Gold Family Membership offered:

With the family plan the primary member and up to 3 others could attend special events and have access. Now it’s just the primary member and one other member. So it cuts it by half for the same price.

What will happen to the Gold Family Membership after January 1, 2021?

If you already have the D23 Gold Family Membership you can transition to the Gold Membership Duo plan through the remainder of you term and then it will automatically renew to the Gold Duo Plan. However in the Q&A section it says that the existing family memberships will be “honored THROUGH the expiration of each member’s annual term.”

Gold Family Memberships can be purchased or renewed through December 31, 2020. As of January 1, 2021, Gold Family Memberships will no longer be available for purchase or renewal, but existing Gold Family Memberships will be honored through the expiration of each member’s annual term.”

So after the term ends just the Duo members continue. 

If you are a current D23 Gold Member and you want to upgrade to Duo you can starting in January.

Current D23 Gold Family Members will have the opportunity to transition at no additional cost to the D23 Gold Membership Duo Plan through the remainder of their current Gold Family Membership term, and automatically* renew to the Gold Duo Plan annually thereafter. Current D23 Gold Members also can upgrade for a fee to the Gold Duo Plan starting in January 2021.

*Automatic annual renewal applies to U.S. residents only.”

So basically Disney is trying to charge people the same for less. And water is wet.
My husband’s response to this was: “What will be next? Annual Passes will return but if you want Park Hopping you will need to pay another $500 a year or something like that. You know they are going to raise up ticket prices.”

Right now Disney needs every potential guest they could get, so I really hope they don’t plan on raising prices and making changes right now. People don’t have the extra money for higher costs.

I was a Gold Family Member before and we didn’t see the value of it. We tried to get into “events’ and they were sold out about as soon as they went up. Now, they are just doing virtual events anyway.

If you are interested in a Gold Family Membership I would grab it now before they eliminate it. You could at least get a year out of it while they “will be honored through the expiration of each member’s annual term.”

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: D23


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