Chris Hemsworth Not Interested In Working With “Mad Genius” Directors


Thor star Chris Hemsworth recently came out about how he is eight to ten times as likely to contract Alzheimer’s due to a hereditary gene from his grandfather who also had Alzheimer’s. He also talked about how he plans to take a break from acting to spend some time with his wife and kids.

In the same interview he spoke about what kind of projects and people he would like to work with on future projects. He said:

I’m just at the point of my life where I’m meeting with different directors and people say ‘Oh yeah, look, he’s a mad genius. He’s mad, but he’s a genius and he’ll make great films. I’m like, ‘Is that who I want to spend my days with?’ Four months, five months of shooting and then you’ve got press and possible reshoots and so on.

He didn’t name any names, but some believe he may have been talking about Marvel director Taika Waititi, the same man who directed both Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love & Thunder. While Rangarok was loved by fans Love & Thunder was seen as more of the same.

Hemsworth would then go on to say that he is very particular about what projects he will pick going forward:

Now, if something’s going to pull me away from my family and my kids, it’s got to be a positive, constructive, collaborative experience. I shot with George Miller on the new prequel to Fury Road, part of the Mad Max saga, and I said to my agent, ‘That’s where I want to spend my work hours; with someone who is kind and collaborative and interesting.’

Miller is a director who is very aware of how his energy affects others, and how he has the power to make your day fantastic or shitty, and chooses for it to be a positive experience. The whole crew, everyone is in a better mood. It baffles me that some people in that position don’t understand that.

As for returning to play the all powerful God of Thunder he had this to say:

I don’t know. I think there’d be more to say if the people want to hear me say it. They always tease more at the end of their moves.”

Look, I’m completely open to it, if there is something unique and fresh and unexpected to do with the character and the world. I’ve always loved the experience. I’ve been very thankful I’ve been able to do something different each time.

What do you think of Hemsworth’s new outlook on choosing projects? Do you think he will one day return as Thor?

Source: Bounding Into Comics

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