Central Park Crepes Menu Update

Photo By Jon Self

Since the reopening of theme parks in Orlando area, the crepe has become a more popular food item. Central Park Crepes in Universal Studios Florida displays this. These crepes will not make you think of ones from south of France though. Still, guests create a solid queue during peak dining hours here.

Photo by Jon Self

This food location offers many positives for guests. The price point extends solid value. Until recently, every item sold here cost under $10. Recently, the savory crepes, like brisket and vegan options, increased in price to $10.99. The sweet crepes increased in price from $8.99 to $9.99. Despite the price increase, most guests view this food kiosk as good value still.

Photo By Jon Self

The portion size for these crepes earns high marks. When you factor in price point, these crepes serve as a budget saver. In comparison to crepes sold at Disney Springs, the portion size and high level of freshness pleases guests. Due to portion size and presentation, these crepes deserve careful dining. The potential mess might alarm some diners.

Now, this stand serves freshly made to order crepes. Though things may change, this food stand has existed for basically a year and a half. Most days, the overall quality of these crepes appeals to many. For people like me, coke freestyle machines adorn the exterior of this food kiosk also.

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Another great virtue of this food location involves their seasonal crepe offerings. In addition to the standard year-round crepes, Universal offers seasonal ones. Recently for the holiday, Universal unveiled the Cinnamon Cookie Butter Crepe. The ingredients for this crepe read “shortbread cookie mascarpone filling, cinnamon whipped topping, and topped with a shortbread cookie.” Clearly, this crepe appeals to the sweet tooth diner. The sugary content ranks superior with this one. Some guests claim these need to be shared unless you can handle all this sugary goodness.

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Reviews of this particular crepe falls into mixed category. Most love the flavor and balance of this sweet treat. These guests expressed that this seasonal crepe might be the best. Many hope this crepe becomes a standard option.

In contrast, many guests felt the cookie on top took away from the crepe being too hard. Of course, the cookie pieces within the crepe filling taste great and are soft. Some guests stated that the component of this crepes made it feel rubbery in texture. This texture diminished their experience.

central park crepes
Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

All in all, this stand reigns as a popular food location in Universal Studios Florida. If you are passing this stand while hungry, you should consider this dining experience.

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