Carlos A. Gómez Has Been Named Treasurer Of The Walt Disney Company


According to a Disney Press Release Carlos A. Gómez has just been named Senior Vice President and Treasurer of The Walt Disney Company. He is replacing Jonathan S. Headley who is retiring after 24 years with the Walt Disney Company.

As the new Senior Vice President and Treasurer Mr. Gómez will be in charge of “ and oversight of the Company’s global treasury organization, which includes corporate finance, liquidity management, capital markets and banking activities, interest rate and foreign currency risk management, enterprise project and structured finance, pension and investments, enterprise consumer payments, and global cash management and treasury operations. Mr. Gómez will also be responsible for managing the Company’s relationships with its banking partners and the credit rating agencies.

Prior to this position Mr. Gómez was the Vice President, Investor Relations. He had been in that role since 2011, managing “the Company’s relationships with research analysts and institutional investors and led the Shareholder Services team. He also formulated investor and financial communication strategy for key business initiatives, quarterly earnings releases, and mergers and acquisitions, including the acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

The announcement was made by Christine M. McCarthy, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Gómez will report directly to Ms. McCarthy in his new position.

Here’s what she said:

Carlos is an exceptionally talented and versatile finance executive and a 22-year Disney veteran. His leadership skills, breadth of experience, intellectual curiosity, and financial and strategic acumen make him the perfect choice as the Company’s next Treasurer. Carlos also has benefited from working closely with Jon and members of his team, gaining valuable insight into their operations. While we’re all happy for Jon as he celebrates his retirement and will miss him as a colleague, he leaves behind an impressive legacy which includes an outstanding treasury organization and a strong roster of talent that he’s developed over the years, of which Carlos is a tremendous example.

Gómez offered these words about his new position:

I am incredibly grateful to Christine for the opportunity to lead what is unquestionably a best-in-class Treasury organization. I’ve worked with Jon for almost twenty years, and it is an honor to succeed him in leading such a talented and experienced group of treasury professionals. I look forward to leveraging my experience in this new role to build on the foundation established by my predecessors to ensure the Company has the access to capital necessary to execute on its strategic priorities, and to help guide the team through this unprecedented time.

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Source: Disney

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