Care To Try Disneyland’s Panko-Crusted Corndog Pickle?


Standalone cart food at the Disney parks can be a wonderful experience or something interesting, to say the least. Not everything can be a culinary delight. Sometimes an oddity or two will sneak in as they had escaped from a state fair. It’s not Krispy Kreme burgers or deep-fried candy canes. This is a ‘Panko-Crusted Corndog Pickle’.

Courtesy of Robin Burks over at Disney Food Blog, the new spin on the classic carnival fare is a thing that exists. The breadcrumb-covered confection is found at Disneyland.

This doggie is from Blue Ribbon Corndogs. They make a mighty fine snack sans the pickle, mind you. Within the fried layer of batter lies a pickle and within that pickle is what could be a very salty hotdog.

Typically, mustard would be the choice for the pedestrian corndog, but this comes with something different: peanut butter sauce. Ah, what the perfect combination for something that’s dripping with brine! To be honest, what else would one pair with this Frankenweenie?

Perhaps those of German descent would take it with a side of sour kraut? Dipping it in marinara sounds possible, but probably not with meat sauce. If this thing hits the Magic Kingdom, we’ll try to get a first-hand account of the flavor profile.

This food item may not be as controversial as it sounds. Anyone who has passed through the feasting rows at fairs and carnivals would have seen odd combinations of batter, and beef, and cheese, and desserts. Deep-fried buttered Oreos injected with Pepsi anyone? It exists. I’ve seen it and punished my stomach with it!

Would you attempt to down the three-layered snack? Would you travel all the way to Disneyland to try it? Let us know if you’ve tried it and your opinions in the comments section.


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