Cardiff Couple Dresses Up As Disney Characters To Brighten Up the Day For Children

(Photo Credit: Mark Lewis)

Adrian and Alex Currie run and entertainment business called “Party Wales,” but due to the social distancing guidelines and shut-downs, they haven’t been able to run their business. Parties are kind of not happening right now.

Instead of letting it get them down,  they have used the opportunity to bring joy to others. Turning their daily walks into mini parades for the communities of Radyr and Morganstown.

Adrian Currie said:

Our business is based in Radyr but for obvious reasons business is zero. But we started to think about what we could do. The kids in the local area are struggling. The young kids don’t know what’s going on. It’s very sad for the little ones. I thought: ‘Well, I have some mascots upstairs so why not use them and go around and wave to the kids and children up the streets?’ So we did.

They checked with the police to ensure that everything they did was within guidelines and safe.

So far they have visited as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and say that other characters will be visiting soon.

The response from the community has been very positive. You can just see the kids lined up, all very excited to see them coming.

(Photo Credit: Mark Lewis)

Adrian Currie commented on the positive responses they have been getting:

People are saying how much it has lifted their spirits. So this is what we are doing. Kids love it and it cheers them up. They know they are going to get a wave.

We just want to bring a smile to the kids’ faces. It’s basically a feel-good thing to raise people’s spirits. We have some 74-year-olds saying it has raised their spirits because they weren’t expecting it.

It’s just a sweet thing to do and I wanted to give them a shout out!

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Source: Wales Online

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