Buses To Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot Reduced For Skyliner at Disney’s Pop Century

(Photo Credit: Disney)

I think this is kind of crap to be honest.

But starting today, January 5th, Disney is reducing the buses from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot to once an hour according to the WDWClub on Twitter.


I learned about this from WDWNT.

The sign was posted at Disney’s Pop Century Resort yesterday, January 4th.

Disney has just spent a lot of money on the Skyliner and apparently want to push people into using it. Instead of the normal “buses depart every 20 minutes” you have to ride the Skyliner, or wait an hour for a bus.

Of course there are other ways to get to the parks. You can take a Minnie Van for a lot more money than it’s worth or you can call an Uber or Lyft. To be honest, the Uber or Lyft option isn’t a bad one. They are not very expensive if you are heading to those two parks and they drop you off close at those two parks, unlike the Magic Kingdom. If you need a way to get there without waiting an hour or using the Skyliner, consider this option.

People are not going to like feeling forced into riding the Skyliner. Since it has opened it  has had several issues, and like the Monorails, some people are not comfortable using them. Other people don’t like heights.  I don’t think it’s smart to try and push guests into riding it.

Some commentors on Twitter felt the same way!

Someone else mentioned that the Skyliner runs when the park is opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, instead of the hour ahead of park opening that the buses usually run.


Some think it’s no big deal.


It is true that Disney doesn’t have to provide bus service and for some hotels they do not if they want to push alternative transportation.  I can see both sides of the argument. But personally I feel this is an attempt to force more people into riding it.  Either to save money or to push the new service for better numbers.

Ironically, my 12 year old daughter’s first comment was: “What? They trying to save money on bus drivers.”  Followed by her trying to be helpful “Just take a Lyft or an Uber.” My kids are trained.

As of now we haven’t seen this announcement at other resorts on the Skyliner line, but keep a look out!

Maybe they will change it if there is enough guest backlash, but I think this was the plan the entire time.  If you really don’t want to ride the Skyliner you don’t have to, perhaps you can try one of the alternative methods in the meantime.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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