Bob Iger “Addresses” Rumor of Disney Sale To Apple By Calling It “Speculation” And Talking Around It


Recently returning CEO Bob Iger held a “town hall” meeting to address employees at the company’s headquarters in Burbank, CA. During this meeting several items were “addressed” but mostly it was Bob Iger talking around questions. Including discussion of a rumor that Disney could sell to Apple.

For those who don’t know, the rumor is that Bob Iger is back to get the company ready to sell to Apple. For many, myself included, it’s seems like a farfetched idea. However, it’s not a new rumor and in fact has been one that was around for years before Iger was replaced by Chapek. Bob Iger was on the Apple board and was a friend of Steve Jobs. He has strong connections to the Apple company, so it’s easy to see where this idea came from.

In all the years I’ve heard it, I never believed it. But what does give me a bit of pause now is how he addressed the rumor. He called it “pure speculation” but did not flat out deny it. He also talked around the rumor by discussing Disney acquiring more companies and, from the quotes we keep seeing, didn’t mention Disney being a company that could be acquired saying:

We have a great set of assets here. Nothing is forever, but I am very, very comfortable with each of the assets that we have.

But that statement has nothing to do with the rumor that Apple might try to buy out Disney.  It’s about Disney buying out other companies. Again, I’m not one that immediately believes the Apple rumor, but they way he answered the question does make me think it might not be over.

The Apple buyout wasn’t the only question Mr. Iger answered.

We also learned that the hiring freezes will remain in place and he feels that the accusations that Disney is getting too political aren’t fair because them getting involved with Florida politics isn’t “political.”

I think there’s a misperception here about what politics is. Some of the subjects that have been proven to be controversial as it relates to Disney have been branded political, and I don’t think they are.

He does not clarify which “subjects” have been mislabeled. But it’s gotten so bad that their Reedy Creek district faces dissolvement. I would count that as a political issue.

Iger also talked about Disney+ and seemed to indicate they needed to focus on quality over quantity:

Every transaction that occurs at this company emanates from some form of creativity, and therefore it is my number one priority. It is the focus. It’s not about how much we create, it’s about how great the things are that we do create.

The meeting mostly seemed to be Iger talking around some issues until he could get a better handle, or control, over them. However, there seemed to be more dancing around questions than actual answers.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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