Beauty and the Beast Prequel Series coming to Disney Plus


Disney will be adding a new prequel series to the 2017 live action remake of Beauty and the Beast for Disney Plus. The series began pre-production in 2020 and is planned to start filming in 2022. It will last eight episodes, so the show is more of a mini-series than a full on show. 

The show is set to follow Gaston (Luke Evans) and LeFou (Josh Gad) from the film and newcomer Tilly (Hanna Hall), the step-sister of LeFou AKA “Louie”.

Tilly has a dark secret from her past, as it comes back to haunt her the trio must venture off on surprising journey to confront the danger as they meet old friend and new enemies in the kingdom.

Gary Marsh, CCO and President of Disney Branded Television stated:

For anyone who’s ever wondered how a brute like Gaston and a goof like LeFou could have ever become friends and partners, or how a mystical enchantress came to cast that fateful spell on the prince-turned-beast, this series will finally provide those answers…and provoke a whole new set of questions.

Jonnie Davis, President of ABC Signature said:

There are few more precious gems in the Disney library than this iconic franchise, and this prequel is both a love letter to what’s come before and its own spectacular adventure, Josh, Eddy and Adam’s vision gives us a window into the origin of Luke’s Gaston and Josh’s LeFou with the twist of a new partner in crime—Tilly, played by the luminous Briana Middleton. This dream team would not be complete without the genius Alan Menken returning to write even more glorious music for the franchise he helped create. We’re so grateful to Gary, Ayo, Michael and everyone at Disney Branded Television and Disney+ for their unwavering support. We cannot wait to start shooting.

Legendary musician, Alan Menken will be creating the original soundtrack for the show along with working as executive producer. 

The series will possibly dive into LeFou’s “attraction” towards Gaston as was how it seemed in the 2017 film. Disney implied that the film version of the character had feelings for Gaston but threw them away when he saw that Gaston was Evil near the end. 

Source: Variety 

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