Baby Yoda is Coming To A Grocery Store Near You Thanks to A General Mills Tie In


Good news? Baby Yoda fans will soon be able to purchase General Mills cereal and Fruit Roll Ups featuring the 50 year old child from the new Disney+ Star Wars show.

As predicted, Disney is cashing in on The Mandalorian’s break-out star “The Child” aka Baby Yoda.

If we somehow weren’t sure about it before, the Toy Fair New York news this week has made it very clear. From board games, to toys, to jewelry, apparel and now food “The Child” is being put on whatever they can.

According to The Nerdist General Mills will be releasing cereal and Fruit Roll-Ups with Baby Yoda featured on the products.

Baby Yoda the cereal will feature “Fruity flavored cereal with Yoda shaped Marshmallows” and will hit stores in August 2020.

While the Fruit Roll-up are the tongue tattoo ones, so you can lick Baby Yoda and put him on your tongue. Those are coming out in September 2020.

But is this a new thing?

No. General Mills has had several Star Wars tie in products in the past so this is not a new thing. Which is what the Spaceballs movie was joking about clear back in the 1980’s.

But the potential for over saturation of “The Child” is leading some Star Wars fans to worry that what made The Mandalorian a great show is going to get lost as it becomes more The Baby Yoda Show.

Disney and Star Wars fans have not seen eye to eye about the franchise over the past couple of years and The Mandalorian was doing a lot to win the fans back. I hope they can put story before cash or it’s going to go down the same path the Disney trilogy did. As a long time Star Wars fan, I really don’t want to see that happen.

I think Disney may need to back off just a bit because too much of a good thing can just be too much and I would hate to see these steps in the right direction undone.

But hey we are getting cereal and tongue tattoo Fruit Roll-Ups so there’s that.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: The Nerdist


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